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ULTRA RAPOS is the highest quality, 120 Denier, 2-ply (880-gram tensile strength) 40 weight polyester thread available in the world!    AllULT RAPOS colors are filament dyed.  None are post-processed.  Because there is never any vat over-dyeing, you get the benefit of having the strongest, highest quality thread available without variance from lot to lot. If you are frustrated with receiving, or, you would like to avoid receiving the inevitable "bad batches" of thread that you will get from suppliers of polyester thread that routinely post process their thread offerings, our ULTRA- RAPOS virgin thread with its high sheen and exceptional color and brilliance and the silk like shine of rayon and silk thread, will help you maximize the efficiency of your embroidery endeavors!
Recommended Upper Thread Tension 120 grams

Rapos Threads

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