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Mighty Hoops circled in Blue are compatible with most commercial embroidery machines including the Brother PR and Baby Lock 6 and 10 needle machines, Janome MB4, MB7, Elna 940, 970, Prodecorator and the Ricoma RM1010 machines. The Brother Persona and Baby Lock Alliance machines can also use these hoops, with the exception of the 8 x 13” and 4.25 x 13”H. Commercial embroidery machines with larger sewing fields, may also be able to use the hoops outside of the Blue circle.

*If you are interested in the 14x14” Flat hoop for the Brother or Baby Lock 10 needle machine, please ask for the special price sheet.Sizes are listed as approximate inside dimensions of hoops. Sewing areas are smaller. See website for details.

Mighty Hoops contain very strong magnets. If you have any type of medical device that could be affected by magnets, please consult your physician before ordering or using Mighty Hoops. Mighty Hoops are available for most multi needle machines. Please call for availability.


Hoopmaster Mighty Hoop

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